Postpartum Depression Support

Post-Partum Depression Support
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A place for moms to find PPD support : )
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♥ Welcome to PPD Support ♥
A place for moms with PPD to gather and offer one another support and encouragement!

If you are a mom who has overcome PPD, please join too!

Once you have joined, please introduce yourself!
(Please only answer the questions that you are comfortable with!)

♥ Name and Age:
♥ Name and birthdate of your child/children:
♥ Married/Partnered/Single?:
♥ What brings you to this comminunity?
♥ What do you do to try and help your PPD? (excersize, eat healthy, medication, councelling...?)
♥ Is this your first time with PPD?
♥ Do you have real life support?
♥ What do you hope to get from this community?
♥ Anything else you would like to share?

If you feel more comfortable making your entries "friends only" please don't hesitate!

PPD Resources:

PPD Support

Postpartum mood disorders

PPD & Breastfeeding

If you have any more links that should be in the user info, please let me know ♥

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